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Engagement Sessions- What to Know

An Engagement Session is probably unlike something you've ever done before as a couple, so it's natural to wonder what to expect. Whether it's in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, there are so many locations we can consider, based upon the time of year you want for your pictures.

Here's a quick guide on things to consider before your session. If you have specific questions and want to talk more about it, please let us know- we love Engagement Sessions.

First and foremost: Relax and be yourselves! It's really important that YOU are who shines through in these unique, once-in-a-lifetime photos, it's easier than you think.

No CHEESE allowed. We'll go through some simple and easy tweaks and ideas about how to look and feel most comfortable, and unlearn some things our Moms have always told us ("Say Cheese!" "Smile, look at the camera"). Our goal is always to create natural images in which you look your best, happiest, and most connected to one another.

Not too serious. This is a unique time in your lives, and now's the time to pause from the usual and enjoy the time with each other. It's natural to feel a little "nervous" at first because most aren't used to being in front of the camera in this way, but the session will be a great success and fly by if you focus on each other and have fun.

Hair & Makeup? If you want to do it yourself, remember that you want it to 'pop' in the photos, especially because some of your shots will be of you from a distance. For this, it may be a great time to splurge on a professional hair/makeup session.

Casual or Dressy (or both)? Jeans + top or dress, depending upon your personality, both look great in photos. Be sure you can sit down in whatever you choose. If there's a place to change, feel free to bring a change of items or full outfits to add variety to your photos. Dressing in layers (think sweaters, blazer, jacket, scarf, hat, etc.) where you can easily add/subtract something will also introduce different styles without having to do a full change. Guys look great in jeans/chinos + sport shirt and of course, a suit. Not all guys are comfortable in a button-down shirt, and have great options such as a Henley, Polo, or sweater. If your stumped, wear what you would to a nice restaurant for a date.

Stay timeless. These, like your wedding photographs, are keepsake items that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Avoiding trendy and staying timeless with your wardrobe and jewelry choices will keep with the longevity of the images, without dating it. Clean lines and simplicity is a good rule of thumb.

Colors You don't have to match colors, but try to keep to a similar tone/hue or complimentary shade. Neutrals with a pop of color for both of you works well, as does complimentary colors. Please, no fluorescent colors for these. Stick to solids because they won't be distracting like large prints, patterns which distract the viewer's eye from your awesome faces (focal point).

Remember your feet. Some photos will be full-length, some will be of you both sitting, so your shoes and socks (if you have them) will also appear in the photos. For the girls, heels can be great if that's your preference, but you may also want to bring flats to switch to for any walking through grassy areas or long treks to the location. You can switch back and forth to maintain comfort. For the guys, keep the white tube socks at home. Unless sneakers are chucks (or something like that), gym shoes or running shoes should also be skipped this time around.

Props if you want. Not at all required. This is ALL about you so if you're into something specific that you want to incorporate, bring it. Umbrellas, hats, banners, Save-the--Date signage, sunglasses, balloons, champagne + glasses, etc. Don't forget about bigger stuff too, like cars, horses, rowboats. You get the idea.

Where to go? There are dozens of places to consider, and we have listed here some of the best in the area, as well as what to look for in a location. It will need to be located within an hour's driving distance from Middletown (NY), and keep in mind that it is you both and your connection that are the subject of the photography, so never will the location be the true feature, only an enhancement.

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