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Timeline Tips for the Best Photographs and Films

Photography and cinematography play the biggest part during the wedding day timeline, with us being with you and your family anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. It's important for you to have what you want out of each, so carefully planning out the elements is key to having everything go as planned.

In the months leading up to the wedding, we ask for the details that the couple has been planning so we can help create an outline to follow and capture everything that's expected, all while making pictures and film that will represent the essence of the occasion. Here are a few tips to have in mind for that process.

Getting Ready / Total: 60-120 minutes

This is the time of day as you are preparing to leave your single life behind, to begin your new life has a married couple. It is rich with details, symbolism, and emotions, and the perfect way to begin the day's story.

For the groom, there is often camaraderie, brotherhood, quiet moments, tender moments, sometimes crazy and raucous times with him and his guys and family.

For the bride, we are looking to capture details such as the gowns, jewelry, shoes, garters, rings, flowers, makeup, getting buttoned up in the wedding gown, all while shooting those in-between moments where there may be some tears (happy and sad), joy, excitement, sometimes bitter-sweet.

Where are you getting ready?

Think carefully about the location, and what it means to the images. Anywhere from the couples' or parents' home to the Bridal Suite of a hotel, make it a priority to be sure of the following:

- Are there many windows and/or skylights to provide beautiful natural light? The best location for hair & makeup is near a large window for gorgeous natural light, and done in a tall chair or stool, so the bride has the best posture.

- Are the color of the walls complimentary to your colors or at least neutral, or are there big distracting patterns of wallpaper?

- Is the room uncluttered?

- Is there enough room to hold you, the moms & grandmothers, the bridal party, the photographer/cinematographer, the hair & makeup artists + their equipment, without being too crowded to get dressed and take pictures?

What to Wear

Remember these moments are part of your wedding story, and there's a photographer in the room. Often overlooked, what the bride and bridal party wear during hair & makeup is important to the aesthetics. These are not before/after pictures- pass on the shapeless sweatpants, t-shirt, & slippers for a more elegant, timeless look. A white or patterned robe with embroidered "Bride" or "Mrs." , or perhaps monogrammed boyfriend shirts. The bridesmaids and moms can also be coordinated.

Gift Exchange

Exchanged gifts or cards are a touching way to connect as you approach this pivotal moment. Especially for your films, there is nothing quite as heartfelt as a narrative of this moment in your lives. Be sure to let us know what you're planning so we can set you up in a quiet, private space, and capture this for you.

First Look / Total: 15-20 minutes

With a prearranged time planned, our role in the First Look is to coordinate it for the best setting, background, positioning so we can provide you with the best images of this unique and super personal moment. Your role is to enjoy the moment.

Formal Portraits / Total: 45-90 minutes

Whether immediately following the First Look or the Ceremony, these are very important for your day. We work to achieve all the groupings needed as efficiently as possible, so nothing is missed. It's important to build into the day the proper times to get it all done.

Couple Portraits / 20-45 minutes
How much time? As much as possible, ideally. You are the reason for the day, do not skimp on this if you want a variety of creative and intimate portraits on this amazing day.

Wedding Party + Family Portraits / 25-45 minutes
Before the big day, we will plan which groupings you want. In order for these to be done efficiently, let all who will be involved know when and where to be.

Enjoy the Moment

Most of us are not used to having our own personal photographer or videographer for the day, so it's natural to not know what to do or what's expected. The best possible advice we can give is, be yourself & relax. You've planned big for everything to go perfectly, and have surrounded yourself with everyone who loves you. Let the day take its course, and be sure to breathe and pay attention. You simply being in the moment will provide us with the your expressions and emotions, which will make for the pictures and footage that you'll connect with later on as you relive your day. Have fun- it's your wedding day!

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