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Red Maple Vineyard – Wedding Details

Ceremony and Reception: Red Maple Vineyard, West Park NY
Dress: Callablanche 
Hair: Kyrahair
Makeup: Lisa Lukaszewski, Blush Sparrow
Florist: Peony Design Studio
Wedding Photography: Stilwell Photography & Films | Alisa Stilwell
Additional Photographer: Teresa Horgan
Officiant: Eli Harris
Entertainment: Enriquez Entertainment

Kerri + Dominick

When the officiant declared, “I now pronounce you Doctor and Doctor”, the applause and cheers from their family and friends was instant and nearly deafening. Then, their very large wedding party of 20, along with their 200+ other best friends and family gave it their full-on party just as you do at Red Maple Vineyard. It was amazing, memorable, and everywhere you looked there were smiles and hugs. It was hard to get enough of it all.

The day started a little more quietly. Kerri and her ladies got their hair & makeup done beautifully, and as they all dressed, they thought ahead to the first look and the ceremony. Kerri’s mom and Dominick’s mom were extra excited, though Kerri was her calm, cool self during it all. We all loved her Callablanche dress, exquisitely detailed and it fit like a glove.

Meanwhile, at a nearby hotel, Dominick was helping many of his guys with their ties, collars, and details rather than the other way around. He was the anchor to a never-ending supply of shenanigans from his groomsmen. But he was also quick to be as much in the moment as everyone else. Nerves were no where to be found with these guys.

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First Look + Formals

For a photographer, a first look at Red Maple Vineyard is always a treat. For as many weddings as I’ve done there, I never run out of creative and beautiful places to take the bride and groom for their first look and portraits. Kerri and Dominick were even more at ease together, honest and joyful with one another, and it came through in their photography.

As expected, their family and wedding party were game for getting all kinds of fun combinations of pictures. This was a day for them to celebrate being close as friends and family, and they used every bit of it.

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Red Maple Vineyard is such a unique venue, here in the Hudson Valley. I love that it’s rustic and elegant at the same time. It’s picturesque though not fussy. It makes me feel comfortable, yet keeps me amazed with its charm and decor. Kerri and Dominick’s ceremony was perfectly timed with a cloudless blue sky, just as the sun set behind the trees. As they said their vows, their family and friends smiled and took it all in.

When the ceremony ended, the joy that took over the newlyweds was matched only by their wedding party and parents, who swarmed them with hugs & kisses. I often found myself smiling right along with them from behind the camera.

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I’ve enjoyed Red Maple Vineyard’s seasonal reception space that used to be a tent. This year, it became absolutely remarkable following a huge renovation. I think the design that went into changing it was brilliant, providing guests that rustic feel it’s always had, only now with everything much improved. I love the beautiful flooring, the perfectly beamed ceilings with plenty of light, and the floor-to-ceiling walls made of windows that literally open to that beautiful landscape. Everyone is amazed by the space, as they mingle both in and out doors during the reception to enjoy it all at once.

On that warm and perfect September night, Kerri & Dominick danced and laughed and kissed and smiled and began their married lives as Doctor and Doctor. Thank you to the happy couple and their guests for having us be a part of it all, thank you the vendors who helped make it all happen. And thank you for Red Maple Vineyard for doing what they do so well.

Red Maple Vineyard Wedding Details

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