I love Engagement photography in our New York and New Jersey area. At the end of every year, one of my favorite things to do is go through the various sessions that were done. It’s a wonderful way not only to look back on some amazing connections, but also to look forward to the upcoming weddings of many of these couples.

New York Engagement Photography 

As a photographer in the Hudson Valley, it’s always a fun challenge to pinpoint a location for couples to do their sessions. We have beautiful scenery in the parks, shores, and cityscapes that make up our region. This year brought me to rural parks with dirt roads and silos in Orange county and rail trails throughout Ulster county. Dutchess county has the advantage of historical locations, and Westchester county is full of the hidden gems found in state parks as well as the obvious Hudson River and bridge views.

New Jersey Engagement Photography 

New Jersey is different than New York, even though they’re so close to one another. Assuming you can find parking, neither Jersey City nor Hoboken ever disappoint for photography. Liberty State Park that has more than enough scenery to use for any session. With the historic train station, the 9/11 memorial, wide sidewalks overlooking the water, hour-long sessions usually turn into far longer because I get carried away. Hoboken is also amazing in it’s unavoidable view of the NYC skyline and urbanscapes. I can never get enough of the alleys, brownstones, murals, piers and waterfront parks that Hoboken has to offer. There are luxurious gardens and mansions throughout Bergen county as well as Passaic county to take advantage of. Though they’re more secluded than the urban locations, they’re also more restricted for access. I’m pretty paranoid about getting caught and thrown out so I try to be sneaky. One session is extra memorable– we did every shot around the perimeter of the parking lot.

The Connection

I view the location as the secondary aspect to the Engagement photography Regardless of where we are, I’m looking for the connection of the couple to one another, and through the session we create a connection between couple and photographer. There is a lot of value to these types of sessions. I want the couples feel comfortable with me for this time, which will extend to their wedding day.

It’s hard to be yourselves sometimes (“act naturally”) when the camera is pointing on you. By spending the time getting to know one another, they will be able to ignore me on their wedding day so I can capture the moments as they’re unfolding, rather than them feeling as if they’re being staged or distracted by what to do. Without that unobtrusive nature of the photograph, they won’t properly connect with the image, remembering how uncomfortable they felt rather than the actual emotion of the moment.

Plus, Engagement Sessions provide the couple with some amazing non-wedding images that capture their love for each other now in this special time of their lives.

Really, the pictures and the experience all should focus on one thing: love. If you have that, he best locations for Engagement photography in New York and New Jersey can be tricky to choose, but always fun and wonderful.

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