Best of Engagement Photography for 2017 is one of my favorite posts of the year. It’s not among the easiest though. Selecting the best photographs of the year brings me down memory lane a bit, and it also is huge challenge because these sessions were all the best, to me. I was lucky that my amazing couples brought me all over, throughout the Hudson Valley, Westchester County, and NJ. The common thread though is that they lovebirds were all having their relationships captured in photographs that are so important to their lives. 

Once they’re married, never again will they be in this place, this engaged place, with their whole lives ahead of them. Engagement photographs are so different from Wedding photography because they show who they really are, just the two of them. Every couple is so different, and their pictures are so “them”, that choosing “The Best of” is difficult because these are ALL awesome couples.

These Engagement Photography pictures are simply a handful that shows the fun we’ve had this year. Some have already been married this year as well, and some have their weddings coming up. I’ve enjoyed spending time with everyone, and capturing a day in the life of their engaged lives.