To First Look or Not to First Look?

We always ask in our initial consultation with our clients, "Are you planning to do a First Look?". Following a variety of responses and reactions, it's always great to hear the reasons why couples choose to do a First Look, or not.

What is a First Look?

Sometimes, couples aren't sure what it is, and most times, their parents have never heard of it. Traditionally, the first time a couple sees one another is at the start of the wedding ceremony, and it was considered bad luck otherwise. Family and wedding party formals, along with portraits for the couple are done immediately following the ceremony, during the time that the cocktail hour is taking place.

The current, very popular trend is now for the couple to see one another in a private, pre-arranged setting prior to the ceremony. It tends to be quite a bit more emotional both at the First Look, and many times makes even the walk down the aisle at the ceremony more emotional, as well.

Immediately following the First Look, family and wedding party formals, as well as the couples' portraits can all be accomplished, leaving the couple, family, and wedding party "free" following the ceremony to enjoy the cocktail hour with guests.

Why is it so popular?

Personal Time Together

Portraits & Formals

Talk with us about whether you'd like to do a First Look or keep it traditional, so we can work with you to be sure your wedding day timeline has the proper spacing to get everything you need done. Choosing a First Look or not, your wedding day photography will amazing- no matter what!